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Pennsylvania TurnpikeEdit

  • Oakmont Plum (Milepost 49.3 Eastbound)
  • New Stanton (Milepost 77.6 Westbound)
  • North Somerset (Milepost 112.3 Westbound)
  • South Somerset (Milepost 112.3 Eastbound)
  • North Midway (Milepost 147.3 Westbound) Closed for Reconstruction
  • South Midway (Milepost 147.3 Eastbound)
  • Sideling Hill (Milepost 172.3 Westbound and Eastbound)
  • Blue Mountain (Milepost 202.5 Westbound)
  • Cumberland Valley (Milepost 219.1 Eastbound)
  • Highspire (Milepost 249.7 Eastbound)
  • Lawn (Milepost 258.8 Westbound)
  • Bowmansville (Milepost 289.9 Eastbound)
  • Peter J. Camiel (Milepost 304.8 Westbound) Now Open!.
  • Valley Forge (Milepost 324.6 Eastbound) Closed for Reconstruction
  • King of Prussia (Milepost 328.4 Westbound)
  • Allentown (Milepost 55.9 Northbound and Southbound)
  • Hickory Run (Milepost 86.1 Northbound and Southbound)

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