Creating an article on the Rest Stops wikia

  • Press the edit button in the top of the screen.
  • Write a description of the rest area: e.g.:

Rest area is a rest area on the road between exits exit and exit

  • Services:
  • GAS:Gas station {{GAS}}
  • EAT:Restaurant {{EAT}}
  • SLEEP:Hotel {{SLEEP}}
  • HTLR:Hotel with restaurant {{HORES}}
  • WC:Restrooms {{WC}}
  • I:Info {{I}}
  • I2:Tourist office {{I2}}
  • P:Parking {{P}}
  • POP:Pedestrian overpass {{POP}}
  • HSPTL:First aid station / Hospital {{H}}
  • PTRUCK:Truck parking {{P}}{{TRUCK}}
  • GASTRUCK:Refuelling area for trucks {{GAS}}{{TRUCK}}
  • REST:Picnic area {{REST}}
  • 2:Rest area used by traffic in both directions {{2}}
  • NOTRUCK:Truck not allowed in rest area {{NOTRUCK}}
  • CLOSED:Rest area closed {{CLOSED}}
  • No fuel
    : No fuel. {{NOGAS}}

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